Moose Family Center
Moose Family Center

In keeping with the goals of the International Order of the Moose, our Lodge follows the principals of supporting children  and the aged,  along with serving community needs. While doing so, have an enjoyable and rewarding time.

It's these common goals that make this organization one that folks want to align with and be a part of.

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LOOM Officers for 2015-2106

Governor: Bob Filbrandt

Administrator: Craig Richards

Jr. Governor: Dave Monk

Jr. Past Governor: Gale Phillips

Treasurer: Brett Novy

PRELATE: joe Alemon

Trustee: Jerry Miazga

(3 yr)

Trustee: Thomas Capps (2yr)

Sgt At Arms: Max Masters

Inner Guard:

Outer Guard:

LOOM meetings are held the 1st & 3rd Monday of each month @ 6:30pm.

All members are encouraged to attend.





SR. REGENT: Marlene Crippin

Jr. Grad Regent: Denise Tranker

Jr. Regent: Kathy Tolbert

Sec/Treasurer: Diana Wickham

Recorder: Tammy Smith Novy


Asst. Guide: Taylor Seroke

Committee Chairpersons

Member Retention: Gail Gumpert

Community Service: Barb Lute

Activities/Sports: Jenny Dotson

Mooseheart/Haven: Sandy Seroke

Higher Degrees: Cindy Phillips

WOTM meetings are the 2nd & 4th Mondays of the month. All WOTM members are welcome to attend.


Information on this site is neither endorsed or sanctioned by the International Loyal Order of the Moose. Content is for informational purposes only. This Lodge complies with State and Federal regulations regarding the use of smoking materials consumed on site as it apllies to tobacco products and e-cigarettes.

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